A compilation of some old and some pitch work, created for different clients during the years.

Adidas Scotland - The Thread That Bind Us

Film to promote the new adidas shirt for the Scottish football team and AR activation in shops nationwide.

Adidas Originals - We Inspire Me

Pitch work created to revitalised the brand a few years ago and help them to reconnect with a young audience that didn’t find the brand relevant.

Unfortunately Adidas didn’t dare to make a move back then, although they have solved the problem in recent years brilliantly.

Revolution Bars - Shake It Up

These super slo-mo videos brought Revolution's new cocktail menu to life.

GRID 2 - This Changes Everything

Print ads for the release of the video game Grid 2.

Grid 2 takes you on tour to the most beautiful places on earth. But don’t fool yourself, underneath this seeming beauty lies a ferocious competition where you will have to fight up the ranks to become the number one.

You didn’t come here for the views, did you?

Black Bottle - Back to Black

Posters for the launch of Black Bottle in the UK. The iconic whiskey bottle was coming back and we based our campiagn precisely on this icon, highlighting his beautiful design and adding a misterious touch to it, daring the consumers to discover themselves this extraordinary whiskey.


Neilson Holidays - Boss Your Holidays

Pitch work proposed for the family holidays company Neilson. We wanted to take a more edgy and unconventional approach for this business segment, making the consumer the absolute hero and differentiating Neilson form the competition.

Neilson have all you need to squeeze every last drop out of your holiday. So boss every moment.


Some examples of the promotionals posters we developed during years for swedish cider Kopparberg (nº1 in the UK).

Volkswagen Finance

Print example of the Volkswagen Finance communication campaign. Turns out car finance is very complicated, we did it pretty simple though :)

Barcelona Metropolitan Transport

These two posters get an spot here, for being the first posters ever I help to create to be out on the streets.


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