Inelementum | Visual identity

I had the chance to be asked to create the artwork and art direction for the first album of the London based artist Esteban Card.

A project revisiting a traditional colombian music called bullerengue, Inelementum use these ancestral rhythms combined with modern and psychedelic sounds to create a sonic trip that takes us directly to the heart of Colombia.

Inelementum theme revolves around the fourth elements, with music becoming through the album the obvious fifth element and most important one, tying them all up. The artist therefore wanted to use the ancestral representation of the elements as the central piece of the art direction.

The final artwork and its different adaptations are the result of a very positive and close collaboration with Esteban Card. A visual universe that maintains these ancestral symbols as the key element but brings through color, texture and typography, modern and psychedelics nuances that represent the truly fascinating journey Inelementum is.

Title: Inelementum
Product: Music Artwork
Client: Esteban Card
Output: Album artwork, Merchandising items
Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design & Photography
Tags: Visual identity