Galerna | Visual identity

Galerna in spanish, means a storm that appears suddenly and unexpectedly off the Atlantic coast of Northern Spain. As such, this restaurant has rocked the calm seas of the 20e arrondissement of Paris and has become beacon of light for the foodies in this neighborhood. Galerna offers an original menu inspired by authentic Northern Spanish flavours (no you won’t find paella here) in an elegant and modern well designed space, where attention to detail is king.

The place combines intelligently the sober and modern character of northern Spain, mixing raw brick walls with minimalistic design lights, comteporary art pieces and an open kitchen creating a beautiful and unique atmosphere.

The visual identity waves around all these characteristics. The logo, modern and minimalistic refers to the galerna itself and the sea more in particulary; a sea that is a central influence to the gastronomy of these lands. Colours mimick the raw and vaste coastal landscape, also reflected in the choice of material used for the menus, cards and other communication objects, highlighting the logo display in the restaurant front, cut out directly from cortex iron over a imposing stone wall.  

Title: Galerna
Client: INKA Co.
Output: Branding
Role: Art Director & Design
Tags: Visual identity