All is Lost | Personal

“All is lost” is an hommage to a forgotten period of time. A moment that defined a whole generation culturally as well as artistically.

When there was silence, they screamed out loud to fill the void. They screamed music, art and fashion, in a way that was never seen or heard before. Rejects, freaks, flotsam for the main public at first, they soon were referenced and admired by those who rejected them in the beginning. This movement shed light on the likes of Siouxsie Sioux, Mark E. Smith, John Cooper Clark... just to name a few. Figures whose mark still reverberates today in all creative fields.

This fanzine, is a carefully curated selection of photographs that in the form of a lookbook, take us to that time and age through its heroes and foes. True icons that transgressed the barrier of time, shaping the music and style of many, for years to come.

Title: All is lost
Product: Fanzine
Client: Personal project
Output: Print & Film
Role: Art direction, Graphic Design, Photography
Tags: Personal