18 Series | Visual identity

Alcatel came to us to help them introduce their new line of high-end devices in a digital environment and social media. In a pure visual context, we opted for a simple but impactful strategy, to show the devices as if they were fashion objects, letting the design of the new phones speak for themselves.

For each of the models, we created and crafted careful settings, highlighting and evoking the different aspects of their design. To add more value to the final result and capture perfectly the beauty of these devices, we chose fashion photographer Alice Jacquemin.

To showcase the series, we created a dedicated website. With a minimalistic and premium approach, the website aims to steer away from the standards of the industry, with lots of information and specs, to focus mainly on the design and the looks of the phones.

These pictures were to feature in Instagram and other social media too with great results. They were used as well for the PR communication of the series in different magazines and blogs, and in special dedicated POS devices.

Title: 18 Series
Product: Smartphone
Client: Alcatel
Output: Dedicated website & social media content
Role: Lead art director, Graphic designer
Tags: Visual identity